This is the first European survey that addresses the perspective of people without a migration background living in diverse neighborhoods. The outcomes of the BaM project will be shared using different types of output available on this website and four PhD theses.

  • How the Architecture of Housing Blocks Amplifies or Dampens Interethnic Tensions in Ethnically Diverse Neighbourhoods

    Little research has been done so far in the Netherlands into why ethnic tensions in diverse neighbourhoods occur or, also interesting, why they do not occur. This article analyses the possible influence of the physical environment: How does the architecture of housing blocks and neighbourhoods amplify or dampen ethnic tensions in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods? We use data obtained from the Amsterdam city council for two Amsterdam neighbourhoods, one of which typically features inner-city apartments, and the other is consisting of mainly suburban housing blocks. Although their ethnic composition is almost identical, these neighborhoods show almost opposite outcomes in Amsterdam in terms of social cohesion and ethnic tensions.